It all started when…

Everyone has some struggles in life, however we don't have a comprehensive tool integrate with community to help you connecting Knowledge, Decision and Action.

For example, like fighting anxiety, we studied the successful recovery cases, we found that they just got three things done right: Understand their anxiety, Take right actions, find the community. But it usually take people 1-2 years to recover.

Sounds easy, right? But why it took us years? We usually started the self-help journey from Googling, but what we got is just a giant reading list, it’s really painful to fit them into our own situation. And we are usually totally helpless in evaluating choices like meditation, exercise, diet, therapies and making the decisions, let alone making plan or taking actions. We often try facebook groups as well, but mostly are general discussions and random posts, we are not sure whether they can be trusted. It seems we have no choice other than looking for some expensive one on one service.

So, Reachble team determined to solve three problems, redefine learning, help doing, and a dedicated community into just a single product. It took us about two years to build it from the ground up, we invented a new data format to standardize and store the models behind the information and redefine a new kind of community which is purpose driven.

A clear knowledge map(Guide) will instantly show you the big picture of where you are and where you should go, instead of the giant reading list.
A guided decision and planning process, starting from a self-assessment which will help Reachble to provide you very personalized choices in improving mental strength, taking account of comprehensive factors which only an expert can do: the priority of different objectives, like improve overall mood or improve sleeping quality, and your preferences(Options), timing, resources, and progress management. The community is just wired into every steps of your learning and doing, when you need it. 

We believe within five years, with more best practice based knowledge maps, decision making models and programs being uploaded by more experts and community, everyone who has struggles in making hard decisions, and difficulty in real actions will get easier, faster, more efficient and applicable help. It will be hard to imagine that people would still try to help themselves by only searching keywords, when they could be using a tool like Reachble that connecting knowledge, decision and action.